Drop Off & Pick Up

Step by Step Instructions for Consignor Drop Off: 

Consignors all love our easy drop-off routine where you rarely have to leave your car!  Come prepared and enjoy this quick, simple process.  You will need to bring your Registration Form and a bin labeled with your seller number if you are picking up unsold items.  (no stamped envelopes anymore, we’ll provide them).

#1-Before coming for your drop-off time, organize your items by type and size…girls boutique, boys boutique, boys clothing, girls clothing, costumes, swimsuits, toys, puzzles, etc.  Clothes MUST be sorted and rubber-banded together by gender and size.  Ex: girls Size 5 rubber banded, Boys Sz 2 rubber banded, Boy Boutique Sz 2 rubber banded, etc.  Clothing over Size 5T/5 may only be on adult-sized hangers.  If your clothes are not sorted and banded, or on appropriate hangers, you will be asked to pull over and correct this before we can accept the clothing.  Please no twist ties or yarn separating your items.  Do not bend or manipulate hangers; clothing that is on appropriate sized hangers will fit best and show best on the rack.

#2-Drive to the Family Life Center during your assigned time.  *Remember to choose an appointment time for drop off.  This can be found on the same home page where you enter your items.  There is a tab at the top that says “Drop Off.”  Click there to choose a time slot.  All consignors must choose from the available times as that is the only way our Volunteers can handle receiving and organizing 34,000+ items.  We recommend selecting your time slot when you register to consign.

#3-Enter the parking lot through the Providence Road entrance ONLY.  This is especially important because our preschool and camps are in session as carpool may be running.  Take a left to circle around the parking lot towards the front of the Youth Center.  At your first stop, you will give us your completed registration form.  If you have a friend bringing your stuff for you, be sure to send them with your form.  We cannot accept items without the Registration Form.

#4-You will then pull through the line and stop in front of the Youth Center if you have large items (bikes, furniture, ride-ons, strollers, train tables, etc).  If you’re not sure that your item qualifies as “large,” stop and we’ll decide.  If you have to put together your large item, we will ask you to pull in a parking spot to do that.  You will have to assemble everything and then we can help you bring it in.

#5-You will then pull up in front of the Family Life Center to drop off all of your other items.  We have teams of people coming out to your car to help at all of your stops.  When we are done unloading your car, you’ll leave one large plastic bin labeled with your seller number (no lid) with a designated person at this last stop.  Please write your seller number very large in black ink on a full sheet of paper, and tape it securely to the narrow end of the bin.  The bin is for us to use at the end to give you back your unsold items.  If you are donating your unsold items, you do not need to bring a bin.

#6-You will exit out the right side of the parking lot, leaving through the main sanctuary parking lot (the light at 84 and Providence) or by taking a left onto Weddington Church Road and another left on Lenny Stadler Way.  This will take you to Providence Road.  (We may direct you back out the way you came in depending on timing of preschool carpool and camps.)  Please only enter via Providence Road, and exit the way directed to keep everyone safe and drop-off lines efficient.

The lines should move smoothly and quickly as long as your cars/trucks are organized.  When loading your items into your car at home, keep in mind that you’ll be unloading large items first so they might need to go in your car last.  If you need to make multiple trips to bring your items,  just pull back through the line and when you get to the front, you can move to whichever station that you need to.  We will have these stations marked with signs and volunteers directing traffic.  If there is rain, we will still continue with drop off.  We have large tents that go from the parking lot to the building.

**Please note- Clothing Size 5T/5 and up MUST be on ADULT-sized hangers, no child size hangers allowed for these sizes.  If they are not on adult-sized hangers, you will be asked to pull over and rehang your garments on correct hangers.  We will not accept any items not properly hung because they fall off the hangers too easily.  Clothes on the floor don’t sell and they get damaged.  The better the sales floor and items look, the more we can sell for you!

If you are picking up unsold/not donated items, read the instructions below:

When can I pick up my unsold items?

Unsold items must be picked up from 6:00 pm-6:30 pm on Saturday.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If items are not picked up, they are donated to our missions.  Our missions pick up at 6:30 p.m.  We leave the building ready for worship the next morning.

What if I change my mind during the sale and decide I want to donate all of my unsold items?

Please let us know via email (weddingtonkidsconsignment@hotmail.com) or in person and we’ll be more than happy to donate your items to the missions.

What if some of my items are missing and not on my settlement report?

Unfortunately, with a sale this size, a few items may get lost, stolen, or lose their tag.  We do our best as volunteers to take care of your items to prevent this from happening.  As a reminder, per our agreement with you on our registration form, the Susanna Wesley Circle and Weddington UMC are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

What do you do with items that lose their tag during the sale?

We do not sell items without a sales tag.  These items will be placed on a table in the lobby during pick up.  Please check this table before leaving to collect any items that are yours.  Also feel free to glance at this table while you shop.  If you find one of your items, see a volunteer and we can assist you with re-tagging it.  Any items remaining are donated to missions.

There was an item in my bin at pick up that wasn’t mine.  What do I do with it?

Even though we double check all bins once we are finished sorting, another consignor’s item might have been accidentally placed in your bin.  Please email us to let us know if this happens so we can return the item to them.