Entering Items

How many items can I consign?

There is a 200 item limit per consignor, no more than 10 pairs of shoes.

How do I enter my items?

Click on “Consignor Login” on the right side of our webpage.  Enter your login and password.  Click on the “Enter Items” tab at the top of the page.  Enter the price, size, brand, description, and mark discount and/or donate.  **Helpful hint **Organizing your items by gender, size, boutique and brand will make entering your items much faster.  They have to be brought to drop off like this anyway so it’s good to do it before entering.

How do I price my items?

Experience shows that items should be priced at 25-30% of the original price.  For example: If the original cost of an item was $20, you would mark it $6.  Or if the item was $100, you would mark it $30.  Boutique brands and bigger ticket equipment may sale for as much as 40% of the original price if the item is newer and in excellent condition.  Please note the majority of our items sell during our regular sale.  Pricing an item correctly upfront will net you a higher amount than marking it high to discount later.

What does “discount” mean? 

“Discount” means that the item will be sold at half-price from 1:00-3:00 pm on the Saturday of the sale.

What does “donate” mean?

“Donate” means that the item will be donated to one of our local charities if not sold.  All items marked “donate” will automatically be discounted during the half-price sale.  You may choose to donate some of all of your unsold items.  Please be sure to print all tags for donated items on ORANGE cardstock.  Our volunteers sort donated items specifically to what each organization needs.   Rest assured your donated items are going to great causes.

If I mark discount, will my items be donated?

No.  You can choose to discount an item but not donate it.  You may choose to discount some or all of your items.  However, if you mark “donate”, the item will be discounted during the half-off sale on Saturday.

What items are considered boutique?

Please click here to see an example of boutique brands.  Most brands purchased at a boutique, trunk show or that are custom made would qualify as boutique provided they are still in newer, very good condition.

Do I have to enter my items on the same day that I register?

Five or more items must be entered by Item Entry deadline on your initial email and on the consignor key dates list to keep your consignor spot.  If five items are not entered by this deadline, the consignor will be deleted and their spot filled immediately from the waitlist.  All items must be entered by the Monday before the sale at 10:00 pm.  After this time, you can only view and print your tags.

Are there any items that aren’t accepted?

Yes.  Please see the “Accepted/Unaccepted Items” tab for a list.  Please also remember accepted items are season specific.  We do not accept recalled, broken, stained or damaged items.  WKC will use our best quality control and discretion as able to determine if an item should be on our sales floor.  We want to offer only the best quality pre-owned items.

Can I transfer items from another sale?

Yes.  If you are transferring items from a previous Weddington Kids Consignment sale, click on the “Manage Inventory” tab when you are entering items.  There is a subtab that says “Transfer Items”.  Click on this and chose the appropriate drop down menus (sale to transfer From and To).  Click on the items to be transferred and select “Transfer Items”.  Only transfer season appropriate items.  If you are transferring items from another church sale, you will need to log into http://www.myconsignmentmanager.com and log-in as a seller with your User Name and Password.  You must reprint and retag your items if any information changes to be credited for your sold items- your seller number, edits to price or discount/donate choice, etc.

What if something comes up and I am unable to consign?

We understand that life happens.  If you find you are unable to consign, please email us as soon as possible so we may fill your spot with an eager family on our waiting list.  Our shoppers and missions depend on the success of the sale; we work diligently to be sure all consignor spots are filled.